Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is Tweety male or female???

Is Tweety male or female???

Tweety is male.

Tweety as a male. He may have long eyelashes and a rather
high-pitched voice, but the same is true of Tom Selleck,
who is definitely a fella. ;-)

Tweety is definitely a boy. He was said to be modeled after
a baby picture [of] his creator Robert Clampett

This is based on
"Bad Ol' Putty Tat" (Freleng, 1949), in which Sylvester manages
to temporarily lure Tweety with a fake female canary (actually,
one of his fingers with a hat and painted-on eyes). This, along
with Tweety's sailor-boy hat he wears in this cartoon, is an
indication that, at the very least for the purposes of this
particular cartoon, he was male.

And, hey, wasn't there a cartoon where Tweety actually fell in love
with a female bird which was actually Sylvester's claw dressed up?

Apart from the info mentioned above, there is always the
ornithological argument. Male canaries sing; female canaries do not.
Assuming Tweety to be a canary, the fact that he sings is a
good indication that he's male.


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Arnab Pal said...

wooow ...

neva actually wondered about it .. sounds good da ..

i am convinced .. and would direct some researches to your findings ... mmmm .. may be some debaters too :P